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Levels and Time Schedule

April 11, 2021 (Sunday)



75 minutes

Six contest sets cover all grades in primary and middle schools. 

Pre-Ecolier for Grade 1&2


Ecolier for Grade 3&4


Benjamin for Grade 5&6


Pre-Ecolier for Grade 1&2


Junior for Grade 9&10


Student for Grade 11&12


*: Students can enter the contest no later 30 minutes of the above stated start time. The 75 minutes contest time will be measured individually for each student. 


Each set contains 24 or 30 multiple-choice questions,

with the following mark scheme:

[PerEcolier & Ecolier]  8 x 3' + 8 x 4' +8 x 5' =96'

[Benjamin, Cadet, Junior, Student]  10 x 3' + 10 x 4' +10 x 5' =120' 

Scores Distribution

Scores and Certificates

Every student will see the score right after the submission.

Every student will receive a participation certificate by email. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we arrange students to participate HKMKC online unmonitored, so they can still enjoy this fun mathematical experience. 

To keep the fairness, awards will not be issued this year.   

Upload Student Photo

Please click the orange button to upload a passport-type student photo. The file name of the photo should consists of exactly 10 characters in the format

[First Name Initial] [Last Name Initial] [Date of Birth in yyyymmdd format]

For example, David Lee born on May 4th, 2008 should upload his photo with file name DL20080504. 

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Thanks for registering in HKMKC!

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